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Impacting my Identity

Le mie Giornate Milanese...

Sometimes life surprises us in many ways and thinking back there were moments that defined our path, moments in which a certain thing change our lives trajectory.

Walking through one of the most romantic and bohemian places in Milan, called Brera, how could I have predicted the powerful imprint that Alfredo Sabbatini would leave on my deepest self that day?

PhotoShow, Milan 2011! I was there, looking around eagerly at one of the most prestigious photography event held in Milan while holding full of emotions and dreams my first professional camera.

Walking amongst the crowd, I found by chance the path to Alfredo’s workshop stage in the PhotoShow building. Immersing myself in his realm of fashion and glamor photography, I would have not leave this place but I had to because the event building was closed over night.

The blurred photos I shot at the event make me smile now like candid childhood drawings. I didn’t know how to properly set a camera, but those moments gave me a sharply focus: I discovered my authentic self, my vocation!

Alfredo must have seen something in my youthful enthusiasm, as I was quickly invited to become one of his students. And so I spent extraordinary moments and I learned a lot during the next five years.

It is a rare chance to be part of excellence at such an inspiring level, learning how to compose an idea into an image, an image into expression. Expression of life itself as it unfolds unexpected, beautifully.

This is how I got inspired by my master at the end of my twenties, in my “Giornate Milanese”.

Alfredo, you are with me in my photography. Smiling to me as ever, with your kindest smile.

Let me share here that amazing side of my life in a few selected images I took during that time:


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